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Suntech presents a wide range of precision oil seals to suit different engineering applications in mm & inches sizes the seals cover an widest range of working temp. from -100° C to 340° C and diameters from 10mm to 1000mm all rubber & metal claded types as per ISO, ASTM, DIN, specification.

Suntech seals are available in a large range of materials to provides better material selection asper working conditions requirements likes conventional lip material Neoprene, Silicon, Viton as well as new generation lip materials likes. Nitrile, Altra high nitrile, HNBR (Hydro generated nitrile butadiene rubber) Polyacrylates (ACM) Flouro elastomers & Teflon PTFE to provides trouble free services with improve tensile strength, excellent resistance to abrasion working temp. hot oiled, greases, speciality oils & lubricants, Hydrocarbons, solvents acids, aromatic chemicals, dust, grit etc.

Suntech adopt the new dynamics concepts for designs the oil seals like Thicker Elastomeric lip to provides perfect adhesion & bond strength between metal case and seal elastomer, its increase the toughness of seal for easy installation in difficulties conditions and reduce the frictions & temperature during operations. The metal case of seals manufactured in cold rolled heavy gauge sheets, accordingly seals diameter requirement and a protective coating provided on metal cased seals to protections from atomospheric corrosion during handling & storage.

Suntech sel suitably for 1 mtr. / sec. to 25 mtr./sec. speeds in any type of applications at static pressure up to 35 psi & 10 psi in dynamic mode accordingly shaft diameter the thicker sel lip design absorbed the normal shaft eccentericity and runouts to gives longer servic life.

Suntech seals are available in stranded seals sizes and designs and different material to fulfil the all most all gear boxes, rolls/rollers mills, bearings, wheels, blowers, pumps, engines, rotary joints requirements.

The seals are available genrialy ex- stock and for your specific requirement gives very short delivery times.

Our Business Overview

We are an manufacturer , Importer , Exporter , Distributor and Supplier of Industrial Spares with operations in the State of Rajasthan and near by area of M.P., Gujrat, Haryana, Punjab . We are involved in this field in a unique and specialized manner.

Promoted by Late Sh. N.K. Agarwal (Kishor “Bharti”) National poet “president Awarded” with good experience, sound knowledge and good social background, the company is engaged in a valuable service to the society through the decent business of Industrial spares supplies. The Company has over the years accumulated into its fold a vast wealth of satisfied clientele. This has been possible through the dedicated and self-motivated human resource team at all levels of the organization. The company has the distinction of maintaining its independent and impartial status despite all the odds in the business segment.

In 1970, we enter into the Industrial Spares Business with a focus on Textile spares supplies to man made fiber industry. Beginning of 1980 Established an SSI unit to manufacturer Spares, Consumables and components for Power, Fertilizers, Mining, Nuclear and textile plants.

During 1990 we expanded activities to supplies spares to cement, mining, automobile, gas, pharma , hydro power , irrigation , heavy engineering plants and stared supplies to all Rajasthan area.

The starting 21st Century is spread our business and established us in every industrial sector of Rajasthan .

Presently, the company is the supplying spares like oil seals , o rings, shaft seals, pneumatic seals , hydraulic seal and seal kit , coupling spiders, bellows, diaphragms , Gears, Bushes, pins, sheets, rods, plates, buffer, hoses, Pu tubes, Valve seats, gaskets, Dampers, sensors, Solid tyres, Industrial brushes, Conveyor part Rollers, dust seals , impact pads, Skirt sealing system, Rubber rings, polyurethane doctor blades, flu duct joints, door seals , sealing strips, wear plates, chute lining, hy. Fittings , Pumps drive motors, ceramic guides and parts, Brake system and parts for Mining dumpers (as Authorized distributor of Carlisle USA) Plate Heat Exchanger gaskets, B/F valve spares, Repairing of Hy. & Pneumatic CYLS. ETC.


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